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Book Review of After the ride

JR Conway’s After the Ride deals with the aftermath of sending problematic individuals or individuals with mental illnesses to another county by bus. The novel begins with the journey of Kenneth Boutros, a man who was previously committed to a mental institution. Kenneth is put on a bus to Sweetwater County so that he can reunite with his relatives and recover. However, when Kenneth’s only remaining relative in Sweetwater County refuses to take him in, the Sheriff of Sweetwater County finds that he has yet another problem to add to the list. The book details several criminal investigations that take place in Sweetwater County including a missing nun, an auto theft ring and auto runners. Crime and compassion, the two major themes of the book are represented excellently through the multiple criminal investigations and the way the police officers work to solve the problems of the citizens. In addition, the author has also developed a number of interesting relationships and dynamics between the characters that help make the story feel more down to earth. An intriguing story centered around a small community, After the Ride is a book that is well worth the read.

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