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Greyhound Therapy by JR Conway

There is a practice sometimes used by under-funded law enforcement departments and medical facilities where troublemakers or unwanted people with mental illnesses are put on a bus out of town to become someone else’s problem. This practice can go on for extended periods of time, the same people repeatedly getting kicked out of one county and into another. Author JR Conway has written a book called Greyhound Therapy, which is what this practice of dumping undesirables into neighboring countries is.....

Sheriff: A Humane Method of Enforcement

As sheriff of Sweetwater County, Craig Spence has established himself as the ultimate crime fighter. He also is reputed to be a shrewd politician, a skill that is most beneficial in public service. In Craig Spence’s county, he often matches wits with activist organizations and county leaders. while he is often involved in the pursuit of criminals, enforcement of the law is most often not run of the mill.

After the Ride: Crime and Compassion

After the Ride is a sequel to JR Conway’s previous book, “Greyhound Therapy”. This book continues the fictional treatment of the impact on small communities when people move from one jurisdiction to another by bus, either voluntarily or against their will. Law enforcement authorities and mental health providers sometimes find it more economically convenient to furnish individuals with a bus ticket to another location rather than, for whatever reason, meet their needs.   The greatest impact in the small communities.....

Sum-mit: The Pistol Murder A proud farewell and a peace officers creed

A police officer with the Rock Springs Police Department is found dead behind the Crystal Pistol, a popular nightspot in town. The circumstance surrounding the cops’ death are very suspicious. Being the top law enforcement officer in the county Craig Spence is asked to investigate. The daughter of Craig’s top deputy reveals that she has been sexually assaulted and Craig moves to apprehend the perpetrator keeping the dad from taking things into his own hands.